Every Dunlop tyre bearing a serial number supplied by Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. (SRI) and/or its affiliated companies that becomes unserviceable due to possible manufacturing cause within five (5) years from the date of manufacture and during the life of its original tread, will be replaced at a cost based upon remaining tread depth. (Pro-rata adjustment).

The life of original tread is considered to have ended when the tread depth remaining reaches 1.6mm.

All damaged tyres examinations shall be made by SRI personnel or its authorized service agent.

This limited warranty does not cover unserviceable conditions due to ;

  1. Misalignment
  2. Mechanical defects of the vehicle
  3. Misapplication
  4. Improper mounting/dismounting
  5. Collision/Wreck
  6. Road Hazards
  7. Punctures
  8. Tread cuts
  9. Repair failures
  10. Chipping/Chunking/Tearing
  11. Fire
  12. Willful abuse
  13. Racing or any competition

Nor does this limited warranty apply to ;

  1. Premature wear
  2. Irregular tread wear
  3. Vibration complaints after first 1.6mm of treadwear
  4. Tyre with less than 1.6mm remaining tread depth

Only new or near new tyres with a tread wear less than 1.6mm can be accepted for vibration complaints as uniformity of wear cannot be guaranteed due to difference in service conditions i.e. air pressure, alignment, braking, traction, storage, damage, irregular wear and so on. SRI shall not be liable for any incidental charge incurred for tyre fitting and removal or wheel balancing in connection with the adjustments made under this warranty.

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